[DC-2012-11-002] DefenseCode ThunderScan ASP.Net C# Advisory: BugTracker.Net Multiple Security Vulnerabilities


DefenseCode ThunderScan ASP.Net C# Advisory: BugTracker.Net Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Advisory ID: DC-2012-11-002 Advisory Title: BugTracker.Net Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Advisory URL: http://www.defensecode.com/article/bugtracker.net_multiple_security_vulnerabilities-31 Software: BugTracker.Net Software Language: ASP.Net C# Version: 3.5.8 and below Vendor Status: Vendor contacted Release Date: 2012-11-15 Risk: High 1. General Overview =================== During the security audit of BugTracker.Net, multiple vulnerabilities were discovered using DefenseCode ThunderScan ASP.Net C# web application source code security analysis platform. More information about ThunderScan ASP.Net C# is available at URL: http://www.defensecode.com/subcategory/thunderscan-8 2. Software Overview =================== BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug tracking and general purpose issue tracking application. It is in daily use by thousands of development, customer support, and help desk teams around the world. Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/btnet/ http://ifdefined.com/bugtrackernet.html 3. Brief Vulnerability Description ============================ During the security analysis, ThunderScan ASP.Net C# discovered multiple SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting and other vulnerabilities in BugTracker.Net. Some of vulnerabilities are: 3.1 Cross Site Scripting through msg.InnerHtml() File: default.aspx Line: 88 Input variable: Request.QueryString["msg"] Call stack (function line file) msg.InnerHtml() 87 default.aspx 3.2 SQL Injection through SqlCommand() File: dbutil.cs Line: 57 Input variable: row_id.Value Call stack (function line file) SqlCommand() 56 dbutil.cs execute_nonquery() 66 delete_customfield.aspx 3.3 SQL Injection through SqlDataAdapter() File: dbutil.cs Line: 141 Input variable: row_id.Value Call stack (function line file): SqlDataAdapter() 140 dbutil.cs get_dataset() 174 dbutil.cs get_datarow() 56 delete_report.aspx 3.4 File Disclosure through Response.WriteFile() File: view_web_config.aspx Line: 27 Input variable: Request Call stack (function line file): Response.WriteFile() 26 view_web_config.aspx 3.5 File Disclosure through System.IO.File.OpenText() File: edit_custom_html.aspx Line: 84 Input variable: Request["which"] Stack (function line file): System.IO.File.OpenText() 83 edit_custom_html.aspx load_file_into_control() 73 edit_custom_html.aspx 3.6 Cross Site Scripting through Response.Write() File: bug_list.cs Line: 438 Input variable: Request["tags"] Stack (function line file): Response.Write() 437 bug_list.cs 3.7 Cross Site Scripting through Response.Write() File: git_diff.aspx Line: 92 Input variable: Request["rev_1"] Stack (function line file): Response.Write() 91 git_diff.aspx Detailed report for each vulnerability can be found in the following PDF report: http://www.defensecode.com/public/BugTrackerNet_Security_Audit_Final_Report.pdf Report has been generated by ThunderScan ASP.Net C# Web Application Source Code Security Analysis. 4. Solution ========= Vendor resolved security issues in latest BugTracker.Net release. All users are strongly advised to update BugTracker.Net to the latest available version 3.5.9. 5. About DefenseCode ThunderScan ================================ DefenseCode ThunderScan products are designed for comprehensive security assessment of web application source code. ThunderScan products are static source code analysis products for comprehensive security audit of web applications. Audit your web applications for SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Code Execution, File Inclusion, and much more. Supported web application languages: ASP.Net C#, VB.Net, Classic ASP, PHP and Java/JSP. See ThunderScan in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcml2stPYNM&hd=1 ThunderScan: http://www.defensecode.com/subcategory/thunderscan-8 E-mail: defensecode[at]defensecode.com Website: http://www.defensecode.com