Total Shop UK eCommerce Generic Cross-Site Scripting

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The open source version of Total Shop UK eCommerce based on CodeIgniter version 2.1.2 is subject to a cross-site scripting vulnerability. The value of a generic parameter was not sufficiently sanitised before being written to a block of Javascript code. An attacker could distribute a malicious URL that would trigger this vulnerability and potentially steal session cookies, redirect the user to a malicious URL or download malware onto their machine.

CVE number: CVE-2012-4236 Impact: Medium Vendor homepage: Vendor notified: 06/08/2012 Credit: Chris Cooper of Reaction Information Security (

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Affected Products ======== ========

Total Shop UK eCommerce based on CodeIgniter version 2.1.2 (open source version). Other versions may be affected.


Generic parameters in the /application/modules/_main/views/_top.php file are written to a Javascript function in the page header without sanitisation. The entire URL, including the query string, is written (via a PHP echo construct) into a refresh_page() Javascript function. It was possible to escape the function and execute arbitrary Javascript code on the application pages.

There is some character filtering in place, although this can be evaded by inserting a null (%00) character (see proof of concept).


An attacker might entice users to follow a malicious URL, causing Javascript code to execute in their browser, potentially stealing session cookies, redirecting the user to a malicious URL or downloading malware onto their machine.

Proof of Concept ===== == =======

Injecting the following Javascript code into a generic parameter on any application page will trigger the vulnerability, causing the page to return a Javascript alert box.


Example 1 Request: +-----------------

GET /?%00";};alert(String.fromCharCode(120,115,115,116,101,115,116));{//=1 HTTP/1.1 Host: Referer:

Example 1 Response: +------------------

--- SNIP --- function refresh_page(){

parent.location="/?%00";};alert(String.fromCharCode(120,115,115,116,101,115, 116));{//=1"; } --- SNIP ---


Upgrade to Total Shop UK eCommerce 2.1.2_p1. Download link here: ip/download


In addition to posting on the website, a text version of this notice has been posted to the following e-mail and Usenet news recipients.

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  • full-disclosure () lists grok org uk

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