ZDI-12-142 : Oracle Java WebStart Browser Argument Injection Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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ZDI-12-142 : Oracle Java WebStart Browser Argument Injection Remote Code Execution Vulnerability http://www.zerodayinitiative.com/advisories/ZDI-12-142 August 17, 2012

  • -- CVE ID: CVE-2012-1713

  • -- CVSS: 9, AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:C

  • -- Affected Vendors: Oracle

  • -- Affected Products: Oracle Java Runtime

  • -- Vulnerability Details: This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Oracle Java. User interaction is required to exploit this vulnerability in that the target must visit a malicious page or open a malicious file.

The specific flaw exists within the BasicService.showDocument Java Webstart function. This function allows additional parameters to be passed to the browser. Depending on which browser the user has set as default browser this could lead to remote code execution under the context of the current user.

  • -- Vendor Response: Oracle has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More details can be found at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/javacpujun2012-1515912.ht ml

  • -- Disclosure Timeline: 2012-03-14 - Vulnerability reported to vendor 2012-08-17 - Coordinated public release of advisory

  • -- Credit: This vulnerability was discovered by:

  • Chris Ries

  • -- About the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI): Established by TippingPoint, The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) represents a best-of-breed model for rewarding security researchers for responsibly disclosing discovered vulnerabilities.

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The ZDI is unique in how the acquired vulnerability information is used. TippingPoint does not re-sell the vulnerability details or any exploit code. Instead, upon notifying the affected product vendor, TippingPoint provides its customers with zero day protection through its intrusion prevention technology. Explicit details regarding the specifics of the vulnerability are not exposed to any parties until an official vendor patch is publicly available. Furthermore, with the altruistic aim of helping to secure a broader user base, TippingPoint provides this vulnerability information confidentially to security vendors (including competitors) who have a vulnerability protection or mitigation product.

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