AVAVoIP v1.5.12 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities

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AVAVoIP v1.5.12 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities







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The Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered multiple Web Vulnerabilities in AVAVoIP Communication Application 1.5.12.


2012-06-09: Public or Non-Public Disclosure








1.1 An arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability is detected in AVAs AVAVoIP Communication Application v1.5.12. An attacker can upload a php file to the website and access this php file to control the entire site. The vulnerability can only be exploited with privileged application user account. The bug is located in the FX rates > upload FX rates application function in the fx_rates_upload.php file.

Vulnerable Section(s): [+] FX rates > upload FX rates

Vulnerable File(s): [+] fx_rates_upload.php

1.2 Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected in AVAs AVAVoIP Communication Application v1.5.12. The bugs allow remote attackers to implement/inject malicious script code on the application side (persistent). Successful exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to session hijacking (manager/admin) or stable (persistent) context manipulation. Exploitation requires low user inter action & privileged user account. The persistent vulnerabilities are located in multiple different files and also the bound parameters & affected output listings.

Vulnerable File(s): [+] accountadd.php First Name [+] agent_set.php [+] batchadd.php [+] carrier_list.php [+] routeset_set.php [+] tariff_add.php [+] taxadd.php

Vulnerable Module(s): [+] Accounts > Add > First Name [+] Agents > Add Agents > Business Phone [+] Rating & Billing > Update Batch > Batch Name [+] Rating & Billing > Taxes & Localities > Taxes > Tax Name [+] Routing > Carrers > Carrier ID > Add & Listing [+] Routing > Route Sets > Add & Update > Route Set Name [+] Routing > Tariffs > Update Name

Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] mtext, firstname & text [+] agent_business_phone [+] batch_name [+] carrier_id [+] route_set_name [+] tariff_name [+] taxname

1.3 Multiple non persistent cross site scripting vulnerabilities are detected in AVAs AVAVoIP Communication Application v1.5.12. The vulnerability allows remote attackers to hijack website customer, moderator & admin sessions with medium/high required user inter action or local low privileged user account. Successful exploitation result in account steal, phishing & client-side context request manipulation.

Vulnerable File(s): [+] agent_accounts_report.php [+] tariff_add.php [+] routeset_set.php

Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] routeset_id [+] tariff_id [+] agent_id

Proof of Concept:

1.1 The local file include vulnerability can be exploited by privileged user accounts without required user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ...

The attacker can go to the vulnerable file which is located at FX rates > upload FX rates. The upload function in the vulnerable page (fx_rates_upload.php) doesn't check the extension of the uploaded file. However, it checks the format of the file via own flag. Therefore if the attacker uploaded a php file like this

<? echo "test"; <? The Attacker will get an error because it is not satisfying the format of how the uploaded file should be, but if the attacker uploaded the following file ...

<? //ZIMBABWE,BWP,7.7160 echo "test"; //ZIMBABWE,BWP,7.7160 ?> //ZIMBABWE,BWP,7.7160

The file will be successfully uploaded. The attacker bypassed the check of the format of the uploaded file function and get a working php file because the data that we added are commented out.

1.2 The persistent script code injection vulnerabilities can be exploited by privileged user accounts with low required user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ...

Review: Accounts > Add > First Name

<tr> <td class="mtext" width="200">First Name <span class="mandatory_field">*</span></td> <td class="mtext"><input maxlength="255" type="text"><[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION])' <"="" class="loginfileld" size="20" name="first_name"></td>

Review: Agents > Add Agents > Business Phone

<td class="mtext" width="200">Business Phone</td> <td class="mtext"> <input name="agent_business_phone" type="text"><iframe src="agent_set.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION]")' <"="" class="loginfileld"> </td> </tr>

Review: Rating & Billing > Update Batch > Batch Name

<tr> <td class="mtext" width="200">Batch Name <span class="mandatory_field">*</span></td> <td class="mtext"><input maxlength="50" size="20" type="text"><iframe src="batchadd.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION]"' name="batch_name" class="loginfileld"></td> </tr> <tr>

Review: Rating & Billing > Taxes & Localities > Taxes > Tax Name

<tr> <td class="mtext" width="200">Tax Name <span class="mandatory_field">*</span></td> <td class="mtext"> <input maxlength="255" class="loginfileld" size="20" type="text"><iframe src="taxadd.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION])' <"="" name="taxname">

Review: Routing > Carrers > Carrier ID > Add & Listing

<tr><td> <div style="width: 180px; float: left; margin: 5px 7px 0pt 5px;"> <span style="width: 80px; float: left; font-family: Tahoma,Verdana,Helvetica;">Carrier ID </span> <span style="width: 100px; float: left; font-family: Tahoma,Verdana,Helvetica;"><input name="carrier_id" type="text"> <iframe src="carrier_list.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION])' <"="" onkeypress="checkEnter(event)" class="loginfileld" style="width: 100px;"></span> </div>

Review: Routing > Route Sets > Add & Update > Route Set Name

<tr> <td class="mtext" width="200">Route Set Name <span class="mandatory_field">*</span></td> <td class="mtext"><input name="route_set_name" type="text"><iframe src="routeset_set.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION])' <"="" class="loginfileld"></td>

Review: Routing > Tariffs > Update Name

<!--/NOTACTIVE--> <!--ACTIVE--><a>Update "><iframe src="tariff_add.php-Dateien/[PERSISTENT SCRIPT CODE INJECTION])' <<="" a=""><!--/ACTIVE--> </div> <!-- Login / Logout section ends -->

1.3 The client side cross site scripting vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attacker with medium or high required user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ...

http://avavoip. http://avavoip. http://avavoip.


1.1 The security risk of the local file upload vulnerability is estimated as medium(+).

1.2 The security risk of the persistent input validation vulnerabilities are estimated as medium(+).

1.3 The security risk of the client side cross site scripting vulnerabilities are estimated as low(+).


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