Acuity CMS 2.6.x <= Path Traversal Arbitrary File Access


1. OVERVIEW Acuity CMS 2.6.x (ASP-based) versions are vulnerable to Path Traversal. 2. BACKGROUND Acuity CMS is a powerful but simple, extremely easy to use, low priced, easy to deploy content management system. It is a leader in its price and feature class. 3. VULNERABILITY DESCRIPTION The issue is due to the script, /admin/file_manager/browse.asp, not properly sanitizing user input, specifically directory traversal style attacks (e.g., ../../) supplied via the 'path' parameter. It would allow the attacker to access arbitrary files outside of web root directory. 4. VERSIONS AFFECTED Tested with version 2.6.2. 5. PROOF-OF-CONCEPT/EXPLOIT http://localhost/admin/file_manager/browse.asp?field=&form=&path=../../ 6. SOLUTION The Acunity CMS is no longer in active development. It is recommended to user another CMS in active development and support. 7. VENDOR The Collective http://www.thecollective.com.au/ 8. CREDIT Aung Khant, http://yehg.net, YGN Ethical Hacker Group, Myanmar. 9. DISCLOSURE TIME-LINE 2012-05-20: vulnerability disclosed 10. REFERENCES Original Advisory URL: http://yehg.net/lab/pr0js/advisories/%5Bacuity_cms2.6%20x_(asp)%5D_path_traversal #yehg [2012-05-20]