[MATTA-2012-001] CVE-2012-1301; 0day; Open Proxy vulnerability in Umbraco 4.7

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We don't release 0days... except when vendors show no interest in fixing their their bugs.


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    Matta Consulting - Matta Advisory

     Umbraco Open Proxy Vulnerability

Advisory ID: MATTA-2012-001 CVE reference: CVE-2012-1301 Affected platforms: Umbraco Version: 4.x Date: 2012-January-26 Security risk: High Vulnerability: Umbraco bundles a script behaving like an open-proxy Researcher: Florent Daigniere Vendor Status: Notified Vulnerability Disclosure Policy: https://www.trustmatta.com/advisories/matta-disclosure-policy-01.txt Permanent URL: https://www.trustmatta.com/advisories/MATTA-2012-001.txt

===================================================================== Description:

Vulnerable installations of Umbraco allow unauthenticated users to abuse the script FeedProxy.aspx into proxying requests on their behalf through the "url" parameter.

===================================================================== Impact

Anyone with access to the management interface of umbraco can abuse FeedProxy script into proxying requests for them.

The impact of such vulnerability is difficult to measure and depends on the specifics of the deployment. Typically, this can allow attackers to connect to other systems, bypassing controls or be abused to trick users and browsers into performing actions they wouldn't otherwise consider (XSS, phishing, ...).

This particular vulnerability can also be abused to create a powerful Denial of Service: a single recursive proxy-request will take the application server down and, depending on the configuration of the server, might severely affect unrelated services.

===================================================================== Versions affected:

Umbraco version 4.7.0 tested.

===================================================================== Threat mitigation

Matta consultants recommend deleting the FeedProxy script or upgrading umbraco to version 5+.

===================================================================== Credits

This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Florent Daigniere from Matta Consulting.

===================================================================== History

26-01-12 initial discovery 21-02-12 initial attempt to contact the vendor 24-02-12 second attempt to contact the vendor 27-02-12 third attempt to contact the vendor 27-02-12 response from the vendor \o/ 27-02-12 draft of this advisory is sent to the vendor 29-02-12 CVE-2012-1301 is assigned 05-04-12 publication of the advisory

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