Eleytt Research ER-03-2012

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Michal A. Bucko


Anonymous researcher Michal A. Bucko

Vulnerability Table

Note: All of the vulnerabilities are reported in Holdem Manager Professional, poker tracking software.

  1. Holdem Manager 1.11 "Concat" Session Module Memory Corruption
  2. Holdem Manager 1.11 Collection Modification Memory Corruption
  3. Holdem Manager 1.11 All Hands Function Memory Corruption

Vulnerability Details


All three issues have been reported to the vendor who had been given additional information regarding the issues. For the security of the players, we are not releasing any more details.

We would like to thank Holdem Manager's team for cooperation.

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Eleytt Corporation is specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability development, advanced reverse engineering and exploitation techniques. Eleytt provides various security-related services: risk assessment, security policy, security assurance, incident management, web application security testing, continuous security assurance programs.


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