[CVE-2011-3645] Multiple vulnerability in "Omnidocs"


  Hi All, I would like to inform about multiple vulnerability in NewGen's Omnidocs application.   Exploit Title: Multiple Vulnerability in "Omnidocs"  Author: Sohil Garg  CVE : CVE-2011-3645   Product Description: OmniDocs is an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and  contents. Also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications.   Vulnerability Details:   1.Vulnerbility Type Privilege escalation Affected URL:  http://serverIP/omnidocs/doccab/doclist.jsp?DocListFolderId=927964&FolderType=G&FolderRights=010000000&FolderName=1234&FolderOwner=test&FolderLocation=G&Fold erAccessType=I&ParentFolderIndex=100&FolderPathFlag=Y&Fetch=5&VolIndex=1&VolIndex=1   Vulnerable Parameter:  FolderRights Exploit Omnidocs application does not validate 'FolderRights' parameter. This parameter could be modified to '111111111' to get full access including rights to add  documents, add folders, delete folders and place orders. 2.Vulnerability Type Direct Object Access Sample URL: http://serverIP/omnidocs/doccab/userprofile/editprofile.jsp Vulnerable Parameter: UserIndex Exploit: Omnidocs application does not validate 'UserIndex' parameter. 'UserIndex' parameter is used to access the personal setting page. This parameter can be  changed to other valid numbers thereby gaining access to view or change other user's personal settings. Timeline: Notified Vendor: 01-Sep-2011 No response received from vendor for 3 weeks Public Disclosure: 23-Sep-2011 Greetz to: 1] Nikhil Mittal   Thanks and Regards, Sohil Garg