Squiz Matrix - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

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Squiz Matrix - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability http://www.osisecurity.com.au/advisories/squiz-matrix-cross-site-scripting

Release Date: 06-Jun-2011

Software: Squiz - Matrix http://www.squiz.net/

"Squiz Matrix delivers highly flexible and robust business integration engine and application development tools. It is an evolution, and the latest release, of the very successful MySource Matrix content management system."

Versions tested / affected: Squiz Matrix 4.0.6 / 4.2.2 and prior.

Vulnerability discovered:

Cross-site Scripting

Vulnerability impact:

Low - Remote content may contain JavaScript which is client executed. May be used to steal authentication information etc.

Vulnerability information:

The remote page may contain JavaScript for XSS purposes, e.g. cookies. The parameter is correctly filtered by using htmlentities, however the filtered input is echoed within a <script> statement allowing for javascript injection providing the logic is complete.



Patched scripts include insert_dfn.php, insert_link.php, spell_checker_popup.php, colour_picker.php and tag_suggestion.php.


Upgrade to version 4.0.7 or 4.2.3.



Credit: This vulnerability was discovered by Patrick Webster.

Disclosure timeline: 01-Jun-2011 - Discovered during audit. 02-Jun-2011 - Notified vendor. Vendor response. 03-Jun-2011 - Vendor patched in CVS repository. 06-Jun-2011 - Vendor announces release of v4.0.7 & 4.2.3. 06-Jun-2011 - Disclosure.

We'd like to thank Squiz for their exceptional response time in responding to, and addressing, these issues.

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