[OVSA20110118] OpenVAS Manager Vulnerable To Command Injection

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2011-01-26T00:00:00



It has been identified that OpenVAS Manager is vulnerable to command injection due to insufficient validation of user supplied data when processing OMP requests. It has been identified that this vulnerability allows privilege escalation within the OpenVAS Manager but more complex injection may allow arbitrary code to be executed with the privileges of the OpenVAS Manager on vulnerable systems. CVE-2011-0018 has been assigned to this vulnerability.

The vulnerable code path is only accessible to authenticated users of OpenVAS Manager however it may also be triggered either directly or by using a cross- site request forgery based attack via the Greenbone Security Assistant web application.

Current Status

As of the 20th January 2011, the state of the vulnerabilities is believed to be as follows. A patch has been supplied by Greenbone Networks which it successfully resolves this vulnerability. New releases of both 1.0.x and 2.0.x have also been created which incorporate this patch. Note that the cross-site address forgery elements of this vulnerability have not yet been addressed in the Greenbone Security Assistant web application.


OpenVAS would like to thank Ronald Kingma and Alexander van Eee of ISSX for their help in reporting the vulnerability. -- Tim Brown <mailto:timb@openvas.org> <http://www.openvas.org/>