Web Server 4D/eCommerce 3.5.3 Directory Traversal Vulnerability

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Web Server 4D/eCommerce 3.5.3 Directory Traversal Vulnerability

Type: Directory Traversal

Release Date: December 15, 2002

Product / Vendor: Web Server 4D/eCommerce is a single application that includes a shopping cart, credit card authorization, and order tracking.


Summary: A vulnerability exists in WS4D/eCommerce which could allow an unauthorized user to gain access to a known file residing on the target host.

This is achievable if a specially crafted URL composed of double dot "../" directory traversal sequences, with Unicode character representations substituted for "/" and "\" , is submitted to a host.

Example: http://host/%2f..%2f..%2f../ws4d.log.txt

And view webserver log file.

Tested: Windows 2000 / Web Server 4D/eCommerce 3.5.3

Vulnerable: Web Server 4D/eCommerce 3.5.3 (And may be other)

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