Ananta Gazelle SQL Injection Vulnerability

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Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2010-03-15T00:00:00


AmnPardaz Security Research Team

Title: Ananta Gazelle SQL Injection Vulnerability


Vulnerable Version: 1.0 (Latest version till now)

Exploitation: Remote with browser

Fix: N/A

  • Description:

Ananta Gazelle is a rich JavaScript enabled CMS with multiple CSS
templates. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL. Approximately all of the queries of this CMS are
written without dealing with any one of user inputs in order to avoid SQL injection (as
described by its comments:)

  • Vulnerability:

+--> SQL Injection The forgotten password page "forgot.php" uses hidden inputs for
creating a query in order to set an activation code. This vulnerability can be used to change the
password of anyone.

  • Exploits/PoCs:

+--> Exploiting The (MySQL) SQL Injection: There are three affected parameters: 'table', 'activate', 'email'. All of them can be used for injection. For example we can change the
password of the admin user to "mypass" by setting the following values: table="users" (unchanged) activate="123', pass=md5('mypass'), activate='456" email="the email of the admin user"

  • Solution:

Sanitize the inputs of forgot.php file and do not place the parameters
in the hidden inputs (migrate them to the session instead).

  • Original Advisory:

  • Credit:

AmnPardaz Security Research & Penetration Testing Group Contact: admin[4t}bugreport{d0t]ir