ASMAX AR 804 gu Web Management Console Arbitrary Shell Command Injection Vulnerability

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2009-06-02T00:00:00


  1. ASMAX 804 gu router is a SOHO class device. It provides ADSL / WiFi / Ethernet interfaces.

  2. There is an unauthenticated maintenance script (named 'script') in /cgi-bin/ directory of the web management interface.

  3. When 'system' paramether is passed to the script it allows running OS shell commands (as root).

  4. PoC: GET request to:

Returns: root

  1. Using CSRF attack one could remotely own a router using for example simple <img> html tags pointing to

  2. The issue was tested on firmware: 66.34.1

  3. The vendor was notified on 30.12.08, but we got no reasonable response till now (the bug remains unpatched).

  4. More information: