OCS Inventory NG 1.02 - Multiple SQL Injections


OCS Inventory NG - Multiple SQL Injections (May 30 2009) _______________________________________________________________________________ * Product Open Computer and Software (OCS) Inventory NG (http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/) * Vulnerable Versions OCS Inventory NG 1.02 (Unix) * Vendor Status Vendor has been notified and the vulnerability has been fixed. * Details The Open Computer and Software (OCS) Inventory Next Generation (NG) provides relevant inventory information about system configurations and software on the network. The server can be managed using a web interface. It was found that the application does not properly sanitize user input which results into multiple SQL injections. Affected are the following scripts: - download.php (parameters `N', `DL', `O' and `V') - group_show.php (parameter `SYSTEMID'); * Impact Attackers may be able to manipulate SQL statements in such a way that they can retrieve, create or modify information stored in the database. Furthermore, the SQL injection might allow attackers to get a foothold on the underlying system. * Exploit The vulnerability can be exploited by just using a web browser: http://example.org/ocsreports/download.php?n=1&dl=2&o=3&v=4'union+all+select+concat(id,':',passwd)+from+operators%23 _______________________________________________________________________________ http://www.leidecker.info/advisories/2009-05-30-ocs_inventory_ng_sql_injection.shtml Nico Leidecker - http://www.leidecker.info