Multi-lingual E-Commerce System 0.2 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2009-04-20T00:00:00


* Salvatore "drosophila" Fresta *

[+] Application: Multi-lingual E-Commerce System [+] Version: 0.2 [+] Website:

[+] Bugs: [A] Local File Inclusion [B] Information Disclosure [C] Arbitrary File Upload

[+] Exploitation: Remote [+] Date: 19 Apr 2009

[+] Discovered by: Salvatore "drosophila" Fresta [+] Author: Salvatore "drosophila" Fresta [+] Contact: e-mail:

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[+] Bugs

  • [A] Local File Inclusion

[-] Risk: hight [-] File affected: index.php

This bug allows a guest to include local files. The following is the vulnerable code:


if (isset($_GET['lang'])) { $_SESSION['lang'] = $_GET['lang'];}


<? include($include_path.'/inc/'.$_GET['page'].'-'.$_SESSION['lang'].'.php'); ?>


  • [B] Information Disclosure

[-] Risk: medium [-] File affected:

This file contains reserved informations such as the username and the password for connecting to the database. Using .inc extension only, the content is visible.

  • [C] Arbitrary File Upload

[-] Risk: medium [-] File affected: product_image.php

In the admin directory there are no files that check if the user has admin privileges. For this reason a guest can execute the files contained in this directory. product_image.php contains a form that allows to upload files on the system but does not contain functions that check the files extensions, however a user can upload arbitrary files.

[+] Code

  • [A] Local File Inclusion