Belkin BullDog Plus UPS-Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2009-03-12T00:00:00



Who: Belkin International, Inc.

What: Belkin BullDog Plus UPS Management Software v4.0.2 Build 1219

UPS-Service.exe v1.0.0.1 dated 12/19/2006

How: The UPS management software contains a built-in web server which allows for remote management of the UPS. The management interface is protected by a username and password. Authentication is performed via Basic authentication.

There is a small stack-based overflow in the base64 decoding routine which handled the Basic authentication data.

Caveats: The web server is not enabled by default.

Exploit: The size of the buffer is too small for shellcode, however, this can be stored in the GET request, which sits at esp+0x58.

Fix: I was unable to locate any security contact information for this vendor, so I attempted to contact their support department, which turned out to be waste of time.

Workaround: As previously stated, the web server is not enabled by default. If you do need to use it, use a firewall or OS port filtering capabilities to restrict access.

Elazar -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Charset: UTF8 Note: This signature can be verified at Version: Hush 3.0

wpwEAQECAAYFAkmzNkYACgkQi04xwClgpZiDbAP/TY+XD+L+LOXZ7XbFf5QL+t0UILhh 1dMv3Q565keOjTXbREbaS602KjZk5D1t2chPxvDCecjgCu5oghrTkmzYcG1cS+o8H9HP CHw58Ckl0u8qwFX04knxD721YQGihoASrKIVQXPexV9xwW1LAfn/6qW3r8dKTopayjL3 039YSEM= =BoqQ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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