Oracle Application Server Portal 10g Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2009-01-30T00:00:00


OracleAS Portal is a Web-based application for building and deploying portals. It provides a secure, manageable environment for accessing and interacting with enterprise software services and information resources. A vulnerability has been identified in Oracle Application Server 10g, This could be exploited to conduct cross site scripting attacks. Attackers can run arbitrary code that can be executed by the user's browser in the security context of an affected site. Attackers can exploit these issues via a web client.

Hackers Center Security Group ( Credit: Oleg P.

Class: Cross Site Scripting Remote: Yes Risk: Medium

Product: Oracle Application Server Portal (OracleAS Portal) 10g Version: Tested 10.1.3 and Earlier/ Other version may be affrected too. Vendor:

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Login script:


Search Script:


Google: FastCGI Script - Displays environment settings using FastCGI.

Buy locating the script you can locate the server url:

Google for Oracle Servers: