Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2008-44

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2008-09-29T00:00:00


Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2008-44

Title: resource: traversal vulnerabilities Impact: Moderate Announced: September 23, 2008 Reporter: Boris Zbarsky, Georgi Guninski Products: Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey

Fixed in: Firefox 3.0.2 Firefox Thunderbird SeaMonkey 1.1.12 Description

Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky reported that the resource: protocol allowed directory traversal on Linux when using URL-encoded slashes.

Mozilla developer Georgi Guninski reported that the restrictions imposed on local HTML files could be bypassed using the resource: protocol. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to read information about the system and prompt the victim to save the information in a file. References

* Directory traversals via resource: scheme
* CVE-2008-4067
* CVE-2008-4068