Urulu 2.1 Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2008-0385)

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2008-02-29T00:00:00



Product: Urulu

Vendor: USystems

Subject: Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

Risk: High

Author: Daniel Roethlisberger

Date: 2008-02-25

CVE Name: CVE-2008-0385


An AJAX based Blind SQL Injection vulnerability exists in the Web 2.0 CMS framework Urulu [1]. A remote, anonymous attacker can retrieve arbitrary data from the SQL database. In addition, depending on the database setup, an attacker may upload and execute arbitrary PHP code.

Affected Product

Vulnerable: * Urulu 2.1 and closed-source version as of 2008-02-05.

Not vulnerable: * Urulu 2.1.1 and closed-source version as of 2008-02-19.

Not tested: * Other versions.

Technical Description

An SQL injection vulnerability exists in the connectionId argument to asynchronious XML requests. Affected are POST requests to at least the following URIs:

/index.php/statprt/js/request /index.php/dyn/js/request

Even though there is no client-visible feedback from the affected SQL statements, arbitrary data can be extracted from the database using a timing based blind SQL injection attack. Possible targets include Urulu account passwords or other sensitive data stored in the database.

If the Urulu database user has the FILE permission granted, it is possible to write arbitrary PHP code to writable and web-accessible Urulu directories using the INTO OUTFILE syntax of MySQL.

Proof of concept code exists for both the timing-based data extraction and the arbitrary code execution via INTO OUTFILE and PHP.

Workaround / Patch

Upgrade to Urulu 2.1.1 or apply this uuencoded patch:

Disclosure Timeline

2008-02-25: Coordinated public disclosure date 2008-02-19: Unilateral release of fixed Urulu 2.1.1 2008-02-05: Initial vendor response 2008-02-05: Initial vendor notification with patch 2008-01-21: Assigned CVE-2008-0385 2008-01-20: Discovery by Daniel Roethlisberger


[1] http://www.urulu.org/ [2] http://www.csnc.ch/en/downloads/advisories.html

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