PR07-20: Webroot disclosure on Webbler CMS


PR07-20: Webroot disclosure on Webbler CMS This advisory has been published following consultation with UK CPNI (formerly known as NISCC) Date Found: 14th June 2007 Successfully tested on: Webbler CMS version 3.1.3. Earlier versions are possibly affected as well. Note: the version number is usually included within 'meta' HTML tags and 'X-Powered-By' HTTP response headers. i.e.: <meta name="generator" content="webbler 3.1.3 - http://tincan.co.uk/webbler" /> X-Powered-By: webbler version 3.1.3 Description: Sites that are generated/managed through Webbler CMS disclose the webroot within HTML comments. i.e.: <!-- /var/webbler_cache/www.target-domain.com/13697/index.php--><!-- lid: --> Consequences: A remote attacker could recover information with regards to the target site's directory structure. This kind of information can be useful for attackers in certain scenarios. i.e.: when attempting to exploit file retrieval vulnerabilities. Successfully tested on: Server environment: Webbler CMS 3.1.3 PHP 5.1.6 Apache web server (unknown version) Severity: Low Author: Adrian Pastor of ProCheckUp [adrian.pastor [at] procheckup.com] ProCheckUp thanks Tincan for fixing this vulnerability so promptly. References: http://tincan.co.uk/webbler http://tincan.co.uk/?lid=1975 http://www.procheckup.com/Vulner_2007.php Fix: This issue has been fixed on version version 3.1.6. Legal: Copyright 2007 ProCheckUp Ltd. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for copying and circulating this Bulletin to the Internet community for the purpose of alerting them to problems, if and only if the Bulletin is not changed or edited in any way, is attributed to ProCheckUp indicating this web page URL, and provided such reproduction and/or distribution is performed for non-commercial purposes. Any other use of this information is prohibited. ProCheckUp is not liable for any misuse of this information by any third party.