[Full-disclosure] MS06-060 Microsoft Word Memmove Code Execution

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McAfee, Inc. McAfee Avert Labs Security Advisory Vendor Notification Date: 2006-07-06 Public Release Date: 2006-10-10

Microsoft Word Memmove Code Execution


  • Synopsis

An integer bug (stack overflow) exists in the Microsoft Word file format. The file format allows a attacker to create a malicious Microsoft Word document that when opened, will execute arbitrary code.


  • Affected software

Microsoft Word 2000 Microsoft Word 2002 Microsoft Word 2003 Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac Microsoft Word v. X for Mac

  • Vulnerability Information

The specific flaw exists during the processing of a malicious WordDocument file. The overflow can be triggered during the parsing at offset 0xb4c in the WordDocument stream. At this offset, there is a WORD size that is used as the third parameter to a memmove call. If the size passed to memmove is > 0x8000, it will extend to DWORD(0x8000 = 0xffff8001), and will copy 0xffff8001 bytes to the stack.

This is a code execution vulnerability that may be exploited to compromise users that open a malformed Microsoft Word document.

  • Resolution

Install the Microsoft-provided vendor patch.

  • Credits

This vulnerability was discovered by Chen Xiao Bo of McAfee Avert Labs.

  • Contact Information

For more information about the McAfee Avert Labs, visit our website at: http://www.mcafee.com/us/threat_center/default.asp

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