Oracle Database - SQL Injection in SYS.DBMS_CDC_IMPDP [DB01]

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2006-07-24T00:00:00


Name SQL Injection in package SYS.DBMS_CDC_IMPDP (6980711) [DB01] Systems Oracle 10g Release 1 Severity High Risk Category SQL Injection Vendor URL Author Alexander Kornbrust (ak at Advisory 18 Jul 2006 (V 1.00)


The package SYS.DBMS_CDC_IMPDP contains SQL injection vulnerabilities in the procedures IMPORT_CHANGE_SET, IMPORT_CHANGE_TABLE, IMPORT_CHANGE_COLUMN, IMPORT_SUBSCRIBER, IMPORT_SUBSCRIBED_TABLE, IMPORT_SUBSCRIBED_COLUMN, VALIDATE_IMPORT, VALIDATE_CHANGE_SET, VALIDATE_CHANGE_TABLE, VALIDATE_SUBSCRIPTION. Oracle fixed these vulnerabilities with the package dbms_assert. To exploit this vulnerability it is necessary to have the privilege to create a PL/SQL-function.

Patch Information

Apply the patches for Oracle CPU July 2006 on top of Oracle 10g Release 1.


01-nov-2005 Oracle secalert was informed 02-nov-2005 Bug confirmed 18-jul-2006 Oracle published CPU July 2006 [DB01] 18-jul-2006 Advisory published

Additional Information

An analysis of the Oracle CPU July 2006 is available here

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