Fantastic Guestbook v2.0.1 Advisory


.:. Fantastic Guestbook v2.0.1 Advisory .:. Date of written Advisory: ------------------------- July, 11 2006 Product: -------- Fantastic Guestbook v2.0.1 Vendor: ------- http://fscripts.com/ Description: ------------ Fantastic GuestBook version 2.0.1 is simple GuestBook; where remote user without authentication can post their own message. No authentication is required! Every body can post message. Exploit(s) / Vulnerability(ies): -------------------------------- Fantastic GuestBook version 2.0.1 is affected by a Remote XSS Vulnerability. Some variables are not properly sanitized before being used. Here you will find the variables not properly sanitized: [...] 'first_name'=>$_POST['first_name'], 'last_name'=>$_POST['last_name'], 'nickname'=>$_POST['nickname'], [...] PoC(s): ------- If a malicious people go into the sign in form and put in the fields First Name, Last Name and Nick Name a code like this: <script>alert("XSS")</script> When you load the page[path]/guestbook.php or you read the messages of the guestbook you will se a pop-up that "say" 'XSS'. Vendor Status: -------------- July, 2006/11 - Not Informed! Solution: --------- At the moment (July, 2006/11) there are no solutions from the vendor. If you want to make sure the code and your GuestBook you have to sanitize the variables: firs_name last_name nick_name Credits: -------- omnipresent omnipresent[at]email[dot]it http://it.security.netsons.org