[Full-disclosure] [HV-LOW] Microsoft NetMeeting memory corruption (Brief)

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Microsoft NetMeeting memory corruption (Brief)


Level: [LOW]-med-high-crit ID: HEXVIEW2006060601 URL: http://www.hexview.com/docs/20060606-1.txt


Microsoft NetMeeting is an application that provides multipoint audio/video conferencing and supporting services (desktop sharing, whiteboard, remote control, file transfer) for Microsoft Windows platform.

Affected products:

All tests were performed using Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01 No other products were tested.

Vulnerability Summary:

The application insufficiently validates received data opening a possibility to overwrite portions of application memory causing exceptions ranging from null-pointer access to a possible code execution. At the time of writing there is no working exploit. HexView tests confirmed that it is possible to remotely terminate an active NetMeeting presentation by either crashing the hosting application or causing it to consume 100% of CPU resources.

Vendor Status:

Microsoft was notified on June 4th, 2005 and is supposedly investigating the issue. HexView will release more details about the vulnerability in a separate disclosure.

About HexView:

HexView contributes to online security-related lists for over a decade. The scope of our expertise spreads over Windows, Linux, Sun, MacOS platforms, network applications, and embedded devices. We also offer a variety of consulting services. For more information visit http://www.hexview.com


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