vulnerability #1 in Oracle Internet Directory in Oracle 8.1.7

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Title: Vulnerability in oidldapd in Oracle 8.1.7 Date: 10-12-2000 Platform: Only tested in Linux, but can be exported to others. Impact: Any user gain euid=root. Author: Juan Manuel Pascual ( Status: Vendor Contacted answers received. Details Below

OVERVIEW: oidldapd is a Oracle Internet Directory. Oracle Ldap Daemon. The actual version is

PROBLEM SUMMARY: There is a buffer overflow in oidldapd that can be use by local users to obtain euid of root user. Easy for user oracle.

IMPACT: Any user with local access, can gain euid= root.

SOLUTION: Chmod -s ;-)))).

STATUS: Vendor was contacted 10-Dec-2000. They point me to metalink site then all to metalink site ;-)

This vulnerability was researched by: Juan Manuel Pascual Escriba


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