Samba AD DC LDAP server crash (paged searches)

ID SAMBA:CVE-2019-12436
Type samba
Reporter Samba
Modified 2019-06-19T00:00:00


A user with read access to the LDAP server can crash the LDAP server process. Depending on the Samba version and the choice of process model, this may crash only the user's own connection. Specifically, while in Samba 4.10 the default is for one process per connected client, site-specific configuration trigger can change this. Samba 4.10 also supports the 'prefork' process model and by using the -M option to 'samba' and a 'single' process model. Both of these share on process between multiple clients. NOTE WELL: the original report on this issue to the Samba Team suggested a correlation between this NULL pointer dereference with access to the \DC\homes share on an AD DC, including a persistent service failure. The Samba Team has been unable to corroborate this failure mode, and has instead focused on addressing the original issue.