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2.466 VLC vulnerabilities with specially designed playlists

1. Vulnerability description:

A remote user can create a specially crafted file that can cause various issues. It is possible to trigger remote code execution through a specially created playlist and trick the user into interacting with elements of that playlist.IDENTifier of the Information Security Threat Data Bank of the FSTEC of Russia:

2. Possible measures to eliminate the vulnerability

User should refrain from opening files from untrusted third parties or accessing untrusted remote sites (or disable VLC browser plugins) until a patch is applied. Or - install security updates for the package: vlc**Installing updates is possible in the following ways:**a) if the computer with the installed version of the OS has access to the official repository of the manufacturer, you need to run the update as administrator with the command:# yum updateAfter the list of updated packages is displayed, agree to apply updates by pressing the Y key on the keyboard. Wait until the update installation is complete and make sure that there are no errors during its installation.b)If the computer with the installed OS version does not have access to the vendor’s official repository, you should perform the following actions: - download the updated package (with dependencies if necessary): Check the package integrity and authenticity by instructionsInstall the downloaded package(s) with the command:# yum localinstall *.rpmWhen the list of updated packages is displayed, agree to apply the updates by pressingY on the keyboard. Wait for the updates to finish installing and make sure there are no errors during the installation.

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