ID RH:CVE-2020-26571
Type redhatcve
Modified 2021-05-19T06:11:18


The gemsafe GPK smart card software driver in OpenSC before 0.21.0-rc1 has a stack-based buffer overflow in sc_pkcs15emu_gemsafeGPK_init.


This flaw can be mitigated in cases where you can use opensc without the gemsafeGPK driver enabled. In such cases, the vulnerable driver can be disabled by specifying them in /etc/opensc.conf card_drivers field in allowlist fashion.
One such example:

app default {  
   card_drivers = cac, cac1, PIV-II;  

This would only enable the cac, cac1, and PIV-II smart card drivers, and all others would be disabled, including the gemsafeGPK driver. With the gemsafeGPK driver disabled, this flaw is mitigated. It is important to list all drivers that you need in the card_drivers field so that they are not disabled too.