(RHSA-2023:0631) Moderate: RHSA: Submariner 0.14 - bug fix and security updates


Submariner enables direct networking between pods and services on different Kubernetes clusters that are either on-premises or in the cloud. For more information about Submariner, see the Submariner open source community website at: https://submariner.io/. This advisory contains bug fixes and enhancements to the Submariner container images. Security fixes: * CVE-2022-27664 golang: net/http: handle server errors after sending GOAWAY * CVE-2022-2880 golang: net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy should not forward unparseable query parameters * CVE-2022-41715 golang: regexp/syntax: limit memory used by parsing regexps * CVE-2022-41717 golang: net/http: An attacker can cause excessive memory growth in a Go server accepting HTTP/2 requests Bugs addressed: * subctl diagnose firewall metrics does not work on merged kubeconfig (BZ# 2013711) * [Submariner] - Fails to increase gateway amount after deployment (BZ# 2097381) * Submariner gateway node does not get deleted with subctl cloud cleanup command (BZ# 2108634) * submariner GW pods are unable to resolve the DNS of the Broker K8s API URL (BZ# 2119362) * Submariner gateway node does not get deployed after applying ManagedClusterAddOn on Openstack (BZ# 2124219) * unable to run subctl benchmark latency, pods fail with ImagePullBackOff (BZ# 2130326) * [IBM Z] - Submariner addon unistallation doesnt work from ACM console (BZ# 2136442) * Tags on AWS security group for gateway node break cloud-controller LoadBalancer (BZ# 2139477) * RHACM - Submariner: UI support for OpenStack #19297 (ACM-1242) * Submariner OVN support (ACM-1358) * Submariner Azure Console support (ACM-1388) * ManagedClusterSet consumers migrate to v1beta2 (ACM-1614) * Submariner on disconnected ACM #22000 (ACM-1678) * Submariner gateway: Error creating AWS security group if already exists (ACM-2055) * Submariner gateway security group in AWS not deleted when uninstalling submariner (ACM-2057) * The submariner-metrics-proxy pod pulls an image with wrong naming convention (ACM-2058) * The submariner-metrics-proxy pod is not part of the Agent readiness check (ACM-2067) * Subctl 0.14.0 prints version "vsubctl" (ACM-2132) * managedclusters "local-cluster" not found and missing Submariner Broker CRD (ACM-2145) * Add support of ARO to Submariner deployment (ACM-2150) * The e2e tests execution fails for "Basic TCP connectivity" tests (ACM-2204) * Gateway error shown "diagnose all" tests (ACM-2206) * Submariner does not support cluster "kube-proxy ipvs mode"(ACM-2211) * Vsphere cluster shows Pod Security admission controller warnings (ACM-2256) * Cannot use submariner with OSP and self signed certs (ACM-2274) * Subctl diagnose tests spawn nettest image with wrong tag nameing convention (ACM-2387) * Subctl 0.14.1 prints version "devel" (ACM-2482)