(RHSA-2023:0542) Important: Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh 2.3.1 Containers security update


Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh is the Red Hat distribution of the Istio service mesh project, tailored for installation into an on-premise OpenShift Container Platform installation. This advisory covers container images for the release. Security Fix(es): * goutils: RandomAlphaNumeric and CryptoRandomAlphaNumeric are not as random as they should be (CVE-2021-4238) * golang: archive/tar: unbounded memory consumption when reading headers (CVE-2022-2879) * golang: net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy should not forward unparseable query parameters (CVE-2022-2880) * golang: net/http: handle server errors after sending GOAWAY (CVE-2022-27664) * Istio: Denial of service attack via a specially crafted message (CVE-2022-39278) * golang: regexp/syntax: limit memory used by parsing regexps (CVE-2022-41715) * kiali: error message spoofing in kiali UI (CVE-2022-3962) * golang: math/big: decoding big.Float and big.Rat types can panic if the encoded message is too short, potentially allowing a denial of service (CVE-2022-32189) For more details about security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, see the CVE page(s) listed in the Container CVEs section.