(RHSA-2022:6696) Critical: Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management 2.4.6 security update and bug fixes


Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes 2.4.6 images Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes provides the capabilities to address common challenges that administrators and site reliability engineers face as they work across a range of public and private cloud environments. Clusters and applications are all visible and managed from a single console—with security policy built in. This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, which fix several security issues and several bugs. See the following Release Notes documentation, which will be updated shortly for this release, for additional details about this release: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_advanced_cluster_management_for_kubernetes/2.4/html/release_notes/ Security fixes: * golang: crypto/tls: session tickets lack random ticket_age_add (CVE-2022-30629) * moment: inefficient parsing algorithim resulting in DoS (CVE-2022-31129) * nodejs16: CRLF injection in node-undici (CVE-2022-31150) * nodejs/undici: Cookie headers uncleared on cross-origin redirect (CVE-2022-31151) * vm2: Sandbox Escape in vm2 (CVE-2022-36067) Bug fixes: * RHACM 2.4 using deprecated APIs in managed clusters (BZ# 2041540) * vSphere network name doesn't allow entering spaces and doesn't reflect YAML changes (BZ# 2074766) * cluster update status is stuck, also update is not even visible (BZ# 2079418) * Policy that creates cluster role is showing as not compliant due to Request entity too large message (BZ# 2088486) * Upgraded from RHACM 2.2-->2.3-->2.4 and cannot create cluster (BZ# 2089490) * ACM Console Becomes Unusable After a Time (BZ# 2097464) * RHACM 2.4.6 images (BZ# 2100613) * Cluster Pools with conflicting name of existing clusters in same namespace fails creation and deletes existing cluster (BZ# 2102436) * ManagedClusters in Pending import state after ACM hub migration (BZ# 2102495)