(RHSA-2020:2646) Important: Red Hat JBoss Core Services Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37 SP3 security update


Red Hat JBoss Core Services is a set of supplementary software for Red Hat JBoss middleware products. This software, such as Apache HTTP Server, is common to multiple JBoss middleware products, and is packaged under Red Hat JBoss Core Services to allow for faster distribution of updates, and for a more consistent update experience. This release adds the new Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37 Service Pack 3 packages that are part of the JBoss Core Services offering. This release serves as a replacement for Red Hat JBoss Core Services Pack Apache Server 2.4.37 Service Pack 2 and includes bug fixes and enhancements. Refer to the Release Notes for information on the most significant bug fixes and enhancements included in this release. Security fix(es): * httpd: mod_http2: read-after-free on a string compare (CVE-2019-0196) * httpd: mod_http2: possible crash on late upgrade (CVE-2019-0197) * httpd: mod_proxy_ftp use of uninitialized value (CVE-2020-1934) * nghttp2: overly large SETTINGS frames can lead to DoS (CVE-2020-11080) * libxml2: There's a memory leak in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover in parser.c that could result in a crash (CVE-2019-19956) * libxml2: memory leak in xmlSchemaPreRun in xmlschemas.c (CVE-2019-20388) * libxml2: infinite loop in xmlStringLenDecodeEntities in some end-of-file situations (CVE-2020-7595) * expat: large number of colons in input makes parser consume high amount of resources, leading to DoS (CVE-2018-20843) * expat: heap-based buffer over-read via crafted XML input (CVE-2019-15903) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.