(RHSA-2019:0917) Moderate: openstack-cinder security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2019:0917
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2019-04-30T20:37:28


OpenStack Block Storage (cinder) manages block storage mounting and the presentation of such mounted block storage to instances. The backend physical storage can consist of local disks, or Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NFS mounts attached to Compute nodes. In addition, Block Storage supports volume backups, and snapshots for temporary save and restore operations. Programmatic management is available via Block Storage's API.

Security Fix(es):

  • openstack-cinder: Data retained after deletion of a ScaleIO volume (CVE-2017-15139)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.

Bug Fix(es):

  • Previously, image operations in cinder failed due to file I/O issues.

With this update, you can create volumes from an image in cinder without file I/O issues. (BZ#1476213)

  • Previously, the cinder logs contained fixed_key value.

With this update, the fixed_key value is not logged. (BZ#1655742)

  • Previously, it was not possible to attach a volume on the host due to an issue with 3PAR driver and Fibre Channel World Wide Name.

With this update, you can attach Fibre Channel volumes even with a wrong host configuration at the backend. (BZ#1667997)

  • Previously, only admin users could set the Volume Type in the glance image using cinder_img_vol_type custom property.

With this update, non-admin users can also set the Volume Type in a glance image. (BZ#1671260)