(RHSA-2017:3403) Moderate: rh-postgresql94-postgresql security update


PostgreSQL is an advanced object-relational database management system (DBMS). Security Fix(es): * Privilege escalation flaws were found in the initialization scripts of PostgreSQL. An attacker with access to the postgres user account could use these flaws to obtain root access on the server machine. (CVE-2017-12172, CVE-2017-15097) Note: This patch drops the script privileges from root to the postgres user. Therefore, we dropped the --new-systemd-unit option for security reasons. Please use the root-only script postgresql-new-systemd-unit. Red Hat would like to thank the PostgreSQL project for reporting CVE-2017-12172. The CVE-2017-15097 issue was discovered by Pedro Barbosa (Red Hat) and the PostgreSQL project. Upstream acknowledges Antoine Scemama (Brainloop) as the original reporter of these issues.

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-plpython 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-contrib 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-contrib 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-debuginfo 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-plperl 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-server 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-devel 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-test 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-plperl 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-devel 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-plpython 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-pltcl 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-upgrade 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-docs 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-static 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-libs 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-pltcl 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-libs 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-debuginfo 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-test 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 6 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-static 9.4.14-2.el6
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-upgrade 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-docs 9.4.14-2.el7
RedHat 7 rh-postgresql94-postgresql-server 9.4.14-2.el7