(RHSA-2017:2408) Moderate: qemu-kvm-rhev security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2017:2408
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2018-03-19T16:27:42


KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on a variety of architectures. The qemu-kvm-rhev packages provide the user-space component for running virtual machines that use KVM in environments managed by Red Hat products.

Security Fix(es):

  • Quick Emulator (QEMU) built with Network Block Device (NBD) Server support was vulnerable to a null-pointer dereference issue. The flaw could occur when releasing a client that was not initialized due to failed negotiation. A remote user or process could exploit this flaw to crash the qemu-nbd server (denial of service). (CVE-2017-9524)

  • An information-exposure flaw was found in Quick Emulator (QEMU) in Task Priority Register (TPR) optimizations for 32-bit Windows guests. The flaw could occur while accessing TPR. A privileged user inside a guest could use this issue to read portions of the host memory. (CVE-2016-4020)

  • A memory-leak flaw was found in the Quick Emulator (QEMU) built with USB xHCI controller emulation support. The flaw could occur while doing a USB-device unplug operation. Unplugging the device repeatedly resulted in leaking host memory, which affected other services on the host. A privileged user inside the guest could exploit this flaw to cause a denial of service on the host or potentially crash the host's QEMU process instance. (CVE-2016-7466)

  • Multiple CVEs were fixed as a result of rebase to QEMU 2.9.0. (CVE-2016-6888, CVE-2016-7422, CVE-2016-8576, CVE-2016-8669, CVE-2016-8909, CVE-2016-8910, CVE-2016-9907, CVE-2016-9911, CVE-2016-9921, CVE-2016-9922, CVE-2016-10155, CVE-2017-5579, CVE-2017-5973, CVE-2017-6414, CVE-2017-8309, CVE-2017-8379, CVE-2017-9310, CVE-2017-9373, CVE-2017-9374, CVE-2017-9375)

Red Hat would like to thank Donghai Zdh (Alibaba Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-4020; Li Qiang (Qihoo 360 Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-6888; Qinghao Tang (Marvel Team 360.cn Inc.) and Zhenhao Hong (Marvel Team 360.cn Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-7422; Li Qiang (360.cn Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-7466, CVE-2016-10155, CVE-2017-5579, CVE-2017-5973, and CVE-2017-6414; PSIRT (Huawei Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-8669; Andrew Henderson (Intelligent Automation Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-8910; Qinghao Tang (Qihoo 360), Li Qiang (Qihoo 360), and Jiangxin (Huawei Inc.) for reporting CVE-2016-9921 and CVE-2016-9922; Jiang Xin (PSIRT, Huawei Inc.) for reporting CVE-2017-8309 and CVE-2017-8379; and Li Qiang (Qihoo 360 Gear Team) for reporting CVE-2017-9310, CVE-2017-9373, CVE-2017-9374, and CVE-2017-9375.