(RHSA-2016:2038) Moderate: python-django security update

ID RHSA-2016:2038
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2018-06-07T02:47:57


Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and a clean, pragmatic design. It focuses on automating as much as possible and adhering to the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle.

Security Fix(es):

  • A CSRF flaw was found in Django, where an interaction between Google Analytics and Django's cookie parsing could allow an attacker to set arbitrary cookies leading to a bypass of CSRF protection. In this update, the parser for ''request.COOKIES'' has been simplified to better match browser behavior and to mitigate this attack. ''request.COOKIES'' may now contain cookies that are invalid according to RFC 6265 but are possible to set using ''document.cookie''. (CVE-2016-7401)

Red Hat would like to thank the upstream Django project for reporting this issue.