(RHSA-2016:1064) Important: Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 3.2 security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID RHSA-2016:1064
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2016-05-13T06:01:00


OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is the company's cloud computing Platform- as-a-Service (PaaS) solution designed for on-premise or private cloud deployments.

Security Fix(es):

  • A flaw was found in the building of containers within OpenShift Enterprise. An attacker could submit an image for building that executes commands within the container as root, allowing them to potentially escalate privileges. (CVE-2016-2160)

  • It was found that OpenShift Enterprise would disclose log file contents from reclaimed namespaces. An attacker could create a new namespace to access log files present in a previously deleted namespace using the same name. (CVE-2016-2149)

  • An information disclosure flaw was discovered in haproxy as used by OpenShift Enterprise; a cookie with the name "OPENSHIFT_[namespace]_SERVERID" was set, which contained the internal IP address of a pod. (CVE-2016-3711)

The CVE-2016-2149 issue was discovered by Wesley Hearn (Red Hat).

Additional Changes:

  • Space precludes documenting all of the bug fixes and enhancements in this advisory. For details on all new features, bug fixes, and known issues, see the OpenShift Enterprise 3.2 Release Notes linked to in the References section.

This update includes the following images:

openshift3/ose:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-deployer:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-docker-builder:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-docker-registry:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-f5-router:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-haproxy-router:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-keepalived-ipfailover:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-pod:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-recycler:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/ose-sti-builder:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/image-inspector:1.0.0-12 openshift3/jenkins-1-rhel7:1.642-31 openshift3/logging-auth-proxy:3.2.0-3 openshift3/logging-deployment:3.2.0-8 openshift3/logging-elasticsearch:3.2.0-7 openshift3/logging-fluentd:3.2.0-6 openshift3/logging-kibana:3.2.0-3 openshift3/metrics-cassandra:3.2.0-4 openshift3/metrics-deployer:3.2.0-5 openshift3/metrics-hawkular-metrics:3.2.0-6 openshift3/metrics-heapster:3.2.0-5 openshift3/mongodb-24-rhel7:2.4-27 openshift3/mysql-55-rhel7:5.5-25 openshift3/nodejs-010-rhel7:0.10-34 openshift3/node:v3.2.0.20-3 openshift3/openvswitch:v3.2.0.20-4 openshift3/perl-516-rhel7:5.16-37 openshift3/php-55-rhel7:5.5-34 openshift3/postgresql-92-rhel7:9.2-24 openshift3/python-33-rhel7:3.3-34 openshift3/ruby-20-rhel7:2.0-34