(RHSA-2015:1680) Moderate: openstack-neutron security and bug fix update

ID RHSA-2015:1680
Type redhat
Reporter RedHat
Modified 2018-03-19T16:27:02


OpenStack Networking (Neutron) is a pluggable, scalable, and API-driven system that provisions networking services to virtual machines. Its main function is to manage connectivity to and from virtual machines.

A Denial of Service flaw was found in the L2 agent when using the IPTables firewall driver. By submitting an address pair that will be rejected as invalid by the ipset tool, an attacker may cause the agent to crash. (CVE-2015-3221)

Red Hat would like to thank the OpenStack upstream for reporting this issue. Upstream acknowledges Darragh O'Reilly (HP) as the original reporter.

Additionally, the packages address the following issues: * Neutron failed to load multiple configuration files. The Puppet recipe hard-coded the --config-file parameter to a set list of configuration files and additional files were not loaded, even if specified. This fix creates a new Neutron configuration directory, /etc/neutron/conf.d, and any .conf files in that directory are loaded by Puppet and applied to all services. (BZ#1188480)

  • When configuring load balancer as a service, the Neutron configuration used no group as the default system user group. This group does not exist in the default Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 configuration, which caused the virtual IP address creation to fail with the error "cannot find group id for 'nogroup'." (BZ#1208002)

  • Log rotation was set to one week for Neutron, but that could allow the log file to grow to be very large before rotating. The default log rotation policy has been updated to include a size limit of 10MB as well as a time limit to rotate daily. (BZ#1212442)

  • Previously, dnsmasq did not save lease information in persistent storage. When it was restarted, the lease information was lost. This behavior resulted from removing the '--dhcp-script' option as part of fixing BZ#1202392. As a result, instances were stuck in the network boot process for a long period of time. In addition, NACK messages were noted in the dnsmasq log. This update removes the authoritative option, so that NAKs are not sent in response to DHCPREQUESTs to other servers. This change is expected to prevent dnsmasq from NAKing clients renewing leases issued before it was restarted/rescheduled. DHCPNAK messages should no longer be found in the log files. (BZ#1227635)

  • Conflict tags were included in the python-neutron package spec that resulted in Neutron unnecessarily blocking the python-oslo-db package. These conflicts have been removed from the spec, so the python-oslo-db package can be successfully installed. (BZ#1250056)

All openstack-neutron users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported patches to correct these issues.